Flower & Plant Care


Sometimes called Ulster Mary or Peruvian Lily. Leaves will wilt before the flower so remove all foliage before using them in an arrangement. Take care when transporting as the stem joints are brittle and easily broken.




Also known as Painters Palette or Flamingo Flower. Anthurium does not like the cold and should be kept out of draughts.




The flower heads are often so large that the stems cannot support them. Insert a thin stick inside the hollow stem for support. The meaty stalks of Amaryllis means they suck up a lot of water, which means the flowers have a water supply within the stem making them ideal to be used as a dry decoration for a limited period.



Native to Mexico and introduced to the UK in 1854 but are chiefly grown in sub-tropical zones and under glass in Holland. Particularly prone to water loss and should not be left out of water. Recut stems frequently and remove excess foliage.



Botanical name is Dianthus which means divine flower. Available in a huge range of colours and available all year round.Carnations should be kept away from ripening fruit and vegetables because of  ethane gas.




Available all year round although their peak period is spring. Make sure freesia have plenty of clean water and never let them dry out. Pinch out the topmost uds and remove old flower heads to encourage new ones to open. Keep away from fruit and vegetables and excess heat. Unlike most other flowers where the White forms smell most strongly, with freesia, the darker the colour, the stronger the scent so look for the dark pinks and reds for the highly scented.


Common name "Baby's Breath" which gives the indication of its delicate apperance. Available all year round and is mostly available in White but Cream and Pink are sometimes available.




First brought to western Europe in the 16th century. Available November - April. Change water frequently.




One of the first descriptions of the Lily dates back to the Chinese middle ages. Available all year round. Remove Pollen stamens by pinching them together and pulling them out of the flower, this will prolong the flowers life. Use cellotape to remove pollen from fabric as water will fix the stain. Lilies are highly POISIONOUS TO CATS and owners should be aware of the risk and keep their cats away from them.




Over 25,000 varieties in shades of Yellow, White, Orange and Peach. Available October - April. Daffodils and Narcissus have sap which is Toxic to other flowers. Display seperately, leave in water on their own for at least 12 hours before mixing them with other flowers. Do not recut stems.



The name protea comes from the mythical sea god proteus who could assume many different shapes. Available all year round and originates from Australia, southern Africa and south America. Available in Pinks, creams, oranges and Charcoal colours. Leaves will blacken so flowers may be sold with the leaves already removed. keep in a warm area. Flower heads are suitable for drying.


Phalaenopsis Orchid 

Pronounced phal-a-nop-sis which means "resembling a moth" and is also known as the moth orchid. Orchids like cool air and regular misting. They are very sensitive to ethylene gas so keep them away from fruit and vegetables and dying flowers. Snip off old flowers heads. Phalaenopis orchids cope very well with central heating, better than other Orchids




The chinese name for Peony is "Sho yo" which means Most Beautiful. Colours range from pure White through  baby pinks and palest peaches to deep Pink and darkest richest Maroon. Peonies are very thirsty flowers so make sure you top up with fresh water regularly.



latin name means Little frog. Originated in the middle east, hence ther alternative name of "Turban Buttercup" Remove all foliage, recut stems and change water regularly. Stems are inclined to buckle, insert wire into the stems to keep them upright.




Limp Roses can be revived by standing up to their necks in luke warm water, in a cool room. Do not bash the stems as this prevents them from taking up the water effectively.




Common name is Birds of paradise. Originated from South Africa. Strelitiza ooze sap which make the flower quite sticky, this sap can be wiped away carefully. Pull away wilted crests and new ones will pop up from inside the beak.




Botanical name is Tulipa and originated from the middle east. Tulips continue to grow in water and will curve towards the light, make allowances for this when putting them in a vase or wrap them tightly in newspaper and stand them in water directly beneath a light for a few hours.




Also called Geraldton wax from the town in Australia where it originates from.Available November - April and comes in Dark Pink, pale Pink and White colours. Waxflower has a woody stem like pine trees, use secateurs to cut them.